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Satellite data and satellite-derived irradiance products have been extensively used in solar forecasting to better capture the …

A comprehensive understanding of the transient characteristics in solid oxide cells (SOCs) is crucial for advancing SOC technology in …

The rapidly growing capacity of globally distributed solar generation systems (DSGs) has imposed new challenges for solar forecasting …

As a crucial component of the model chain, which facilitates irradiance-to-power conversion during solar resource assessment and …

Since directly measuring beam and diffuse irradiance is not feasible on many occasions, one often has to resort to estimating the beam …



Solar desalination experimental platform

An indoor solar desalination experimental platform.

SOEC experimental platform

A testing system for solid oxcide electrolysis cell.

Toward 2060 Carbon Neutrality Life-cycle Planning and Design of Photovoltaic Integrated Green Roof (PVIGR) Systems for Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area

2023.07 - 2026.06 Research Grants Council Young Collaborative Research Grant HKD 3,458,740 (co-PI, 25%).

Novel Hybrid Approach for High-fidelity Intra-hour Forecasting of Directional Solar Irradiance

2023.01 - 2015.12 Research Grants Council RGC Early Career Scheme HKD 740,420 (PI).

Adaptive cooling solutions of solar photovoltaic panels

2022.09 - 2023.08 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University URIS Scheme HKD 30,000 (PI).

Transient optimization of PV(Wind)/CSP hybrid power plants based on sCO2 Brayton cycle

2021.12-2023.11 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University HKD 365,400 (PI).


2021.06-2024.05 江苏省科技厅港澳台科技合作项目 RMB 800,000 (co-PI, 25%).

The Design of Solar Driven Multi-generation System Informed by High Fidelity Solar Forecasts

2021.03-2024.02 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University HKD 1,000,000 (PI).

Rooftop solar monitoring station

Comprehensive solar monitoring station on PolyU EF rooftop.


We reveal expressions for two general characteristic times quantifying transient phenomena due to heat and transfer lags in SOCs, which is published in Nature Communications (2022 IF = 16.6). More details can be found here.

A comprensive review paper of spatial solar forecasting using deep learning techniques is published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (2022 IF = 15.9). More details can be found here.

In November 2023, DENG Nan won 2nd Runner-Up in the 8th ME Research Presentation. Congratulations!

In Aug 2023, JING Tao, CHANG Haoran and Dr. WANG Lu joined our team. Warm welcome!

In June 2023, LIANG Zhaojian won both 1st Runner-Up and People’s Choice Award in the 3rd FENG Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition. Congratulations!

Meet the Team

Principal Investigator


Mengying Li

Assistant Professor

Energy Meteorology, Solar Resourcing and Forecasting, Poly-Generation Renewable Power Systems, Energy Storage

Current Member


Haoran Chang

PhD Student

CFD, Solar Power System Data Mining, Reliability and Performance Optimization of PV Module, Energy Digitization and Interconnection


Nan Deng

PhD Student

Energy Meteorology, Short-term Solar Radiation Forecasting, 3D Radiative Transfer Modeling, Machine Learning


Zheheng Huang

MSc Student

Solar panels fault detection, UAV control and navigation, Deep Learning


Tao Jing

PhD Student

Signal processing, Collaborative algorithm design, Interpretable machine learning


Zhaojian Liang

PhD Student

Renewable Energy Systems, Thermal Energy Storage, Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics


Qifeng Li

MSc Student

Thermal-fluid sciences, Heat and mass transfer, CFD and CAD, Evaporation, Machine Design


Xin Wei

PhD Student

Desalination, Interfacial Evaporation, PV System, Solar Energy


Changying Wu

MSc Student

Solar Resourcing and Forecasting, Machine Learning


Yuying Xie

PhD Student

Renewable Energy Prediction, Deep Learning Techniques


Yifan Yang

MSc Student

Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell, CFD modeling, Machine Learning


Lihao Yuan

MSc Student

Solar Forecasting, Machine Learning, Corrosion of Metallic Material



Shanlin Chen

PhD Graduate

Renewable Energy Systems, Solar Resourcing and Forecasting, Life Cycle Analysis in Energy Systems, Machine Learning


Peixin Dong

Postdoctoral Fellow

Heat and Mass transfer, CFD, CO2 capture, PV/CSP hybrid block transients


Xinrui Guo

MSc Graduate

Robotics and Controls, Solar Resourcing, Advanced Material and Structural Design, Metal Material



Ph.D. Student

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Oct 2020 – Present PolyU
Students who are motivated to pursue a Ph.D. degree with a background in thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer or related fields are welcome to contact Dr. Li. Preference will be given to those students who obtained or are expected to obtain an M.S. degree and have publications in English. Students applying from mainland China may also wish to consult the 1point3acres forum for information on the program.

Research Assistant

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Oct 2020 – Present PolyU
Applicants who have a M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Engineering or related fields are welcome to contact Dr. Li. Preference will be given to those who have publications in English and are familiar with numerical modeling in Python or Matlab.

Postdoc Researcher

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Oct 2020 – Present PolyU
Applicants who have a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering, Thermal Engineering or related fields are welcome to contact Dr. Li. Preference will be given to those who have excellent publication records in the close fields.

MSc, Undergrads and More

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Oct 2020 – Present PolyU
Highly motivated undergraduate students are welcome to participate in our research via Student Assistant program or the URIS program. Currently enrolled M.S. students who are willing to do MSc dissertation are strongly encouraged to discuss potential research projects with Dr. Li. Visiting scholars are welcome to contact Dr. Li to discuss collaborating projects.