The Design of Solar Driven Multi-generation System Informed by High Fidelity Solar Forecasts

This project will propose novel designs of multi-generation systems (MGS) that are driven by solar energy. Multi-generation refers the the integration of current solar power systems with agriculture land, thermal desalination, hydrogen and aluminum productions to generate crops, salt, fresh water, hydrogen and aluminum in addition to electricity. Due to the inherent variability of solar resource, high-fidelity solar resourcing and forecasting models will also be developed to generate intra-day and day-ahead solar forecasts. The forecasts will be used to inform the adaptive controllers of the MGS to optimize overall productions in real-time. Two families of MGS will be proposed, one family is based on Photovoltaic Power system (PV) and the other family is based on Concentrated Solar Tower Power system (Tower CSP). Both numerical modeling and experimental analysis will be conducted to fulfill the project objectives.

Mengying Li
Assistant Professor