Analysis of Hydraulic Fracturing and Reservoir Performance in Enhanced Geothermal Systems


Analyses of fracturing and thermal performance of fractured reservoirs in engineered geothermal system (EGS) are extended from a depth of 5 km to 10 km, and models for flow and heat transfer in EGS are improved. Effects of the geofluid flow direction choice, distance between fractures, fracture width, permeability, radius, and number of fractures, on reservoir heat drawdown time are computed. The number of fractures and fracture radius for desired reservoir thermal drawdown rates are recommended. A simplified model for reservoir hydraulic fracturing energy consumption is developed, indicating it to be 51.8-99.6 MJ per m textless sup textgreater 3 textless /sup textgreater fracture for depths of 5-10 km.

Journal of Energy Resources Technology